Three Easiest Ways to Cure Eye Conditions

eyenaturalEye conditions occur when you experience visual problem and are not able to identify writing or objects quite clearly. If you are not able to identify objects like sign boards or writings on a wall then you are suffering from myopia. On the other hand if you are not able to read at close quarters or identify object nearby then you are suffering from hyperopic visual problem. There are different ways to cure eye conditions although the prominent and most sought after methods are only three types. These are wearing prescription glasses or contact lenses, Lasik surgery and natural methods of improving vision. For instant relief people generally wear glasses or lenses so that they may go about their routine work with ease.

Lenses and eye glasses

It is the easiest of the three methods and a person experiencing visual problems generally goes to an ophthalmologist and gets prescription glasses or lenses to wear. The costs may vary according to the type of glass you have ordered and the cost of the frame. The eye glasses are powered by ascertaining the refractive error of each eye and for many people both the left and right eye may have varying powers.

Your doctor would suggest you to wear glasses or contact lenses everyday except while sleeping. The eyeglasses and contact lenses although cheaper initially may increase your expenses over time as you may have to change them periodically to optimize your vision. There are numerous varieties of glasses to choose from although there may be only two categories of contact lenses namely the soft lenses and the gas permeable type.

In order to remove your refractive problem once for all you may adopt the laser eye surgery method as this hardly takes a few minutes to do. Your doctor may discharge you on that very day after having carried out the operation. The best thing about this method is that it is a one time expense although the cost is high. It gives permanent relief although changes in cornea cannot be reversed again.

Natural eye vision method

Of late the natural eye vision techniques have become the most sought after method as they do not damage the eye in any way. Although they take much longer time yet the improvement in vision is always permanent. Again, natural improvement methods are safer and may be carried out at your home itself.

For milder eye conditions you may resort to simple home remedies. For instance black eye may be reduced by applying icepack on your eyes every hour. For pink eye or conjunctivitis you may apply cool compress and for eye allergies you avoid being near to pollen, pets or mold.

For lasting and permanent optimization of vision you may either follow Dr Bates Method or the Power Vision System. Both include a lot of time tested exercises and looking at things in its natural way with both mind and the eyes in synchrony. The exercises include palming, swing, sways and identifying of particular colors for each day and so on.