The Secret of Perfect Vision by David De Angelis

david-de-angelis-the-power-of-perfect-visionDavid de Angelis is an Assistant Professor of Finance at the Jesse H. Jones Graduate School of Business at Rice University. Although he did his doctoral studies at Cornel University and is presently teaching managerial course, he nevertheless developed a deep sense of research and accomplishment in an area that is not his own. He was driven to this area mainly because of his own curiosity and also due to the problems that he faced in visual acuity. He went deep into the subject of myopia or nearsightedness and over the years became proficient in muscular work dynamics. He went on with his thorough research and came upon a unique idea about the importance of retinal defocus. His decades of studies in this area gave him enough insight as to why the vision defect occurs in human and he made it a point to develop it further and bring it out in simpler language the way to stimulate the process by enhancing the ocular refractive capability. You get a comprehensive detail of these in David Angelis ‘The Secret of Perfect Vision that has made waves with people who wish to get rid of their glasses gradually.

Attaining Normal Vision

There is no doubt that the book had disclosed hitherto certain unknown facts about the way we perceive our surroundings and whether there is a scientific technique to make corrected vision possible for all humans with eyesight problems. Like all books this too has its critics yet what sets its apart from the rest is the authors own experiences and the way he could bring about genuine transformation in his own vision as well as several others making the book worth the money you spent.

He quickly gives a full stretch of knowledge for beginners regarding the science behind the vision acuity and the ways and causes of myopia that is one of the commonest of eyesight problem. The author quite convincingly explains the ways to prevent the onset of any eye vision problem and for those who are in the dark as to why they should read this book as they have not been affected may however go through the chapter on ‘Norms of Sight Preservation’ that gives enough hint as to what they should do to continue with good eyesight.

For those who are curious these are easy to follow disciplines in regular life. It refers to wearing power glasses only in case of low myopia and only when it becomes necessary. In other words, the author hints at body’s own rectifying process by which it may gradually bring about the earlier natural vision. David de Angelis also shares his experience by suggesting to people with vision problem to wear a slightly lower power whenever possible to help in this process. The author advices to practice wearing of 1 or 0.50 less than the actual power of lenses you need.

Angelis also cautions against use of sunglasses as it harms the eye as natural sunlight is never allowed to enter. He again cautions against reading at closer distance and people should avoid sitting so that the eyes are forced to see things at angles and that they should develop a feel so that they enjoy looking at sunlight, mountains, water and so on. The practice with ‘Power Vision System’ is the foremost thing that is likely to prevent vision acuity.

Eye Exercises

You will get a full chapter about different workouts and exercises to keep your eyes healthy. David de Angelis in his book details about ocular stretching once with both eyes open and once with both eyes shut. Then there is the concentrated rotation with open eyes by fixing the gaze at a point and this stretching should be done 3 times on one side and 3 times on the opposite side.

Then there is yet another exercise and this is to do slow concentrated rotations with your eyes closed. This is done at least 10 times on one side and another 10 times on the other side. There are also suggestions to train your eyes for at least for 30 minutes on positive lenses and negatives ones to cure of both shortsightedness and farsightedness.

One of the most baffling yet brilliant exposures of the theory that is much talked and argued about in online reviews is the author’s depiction of plus powered lenses for bringing down myopia. There is whole lot of scientific evidence that could really interest you.

If you go through the first to the last chapter then you will find them lucidly written and with more of insights into visual acuity problem and the way to solve them.

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