Real Life Success Stories about Natural Vision Improvement

success-stories-eye-improvementYou have made the right choice if you were to tread the natural path of bringing about significant improvement to your visual acuity. If you have apprehension, as most people would have, then you may go through some of the real life stories of people who have restored their eyesight the natural way. They have done so after having tried wearing glasses, contact lenses and even laser surgery. You too may improve your eyesight or prevent your good eyes turning bad in the later years of your life by going through these success stories about eyesight natural improvement techniques.


Tales of hope

If you read to Sally’s tale then you may get a bit disillusioned as she had myopia on her right eyes and hyperopic on her left. This is quite rare although some people happen to have such defective vision that may even turn severe. Sally had -3.8 on her right and +2.5 on her left. She naturally did her consultation with a reputed ophthalmologist at New Jersey.

She was 20 years then and now she is 32 and has a child too after her marriage. She had already changed her prescription glasses not less than half a dozen times. Now she felt that there was no improvement and although there was no pain she browsed for some good opinions by browsing through the Internet.

It was then she was guided to Power Vision technique and began to do the eye exercises with earnest. Although she did improve the myopic eye through plus lenses she couldn’t manage the same for her other eye. She then posted freely about her problem and soon got the advice to do the exercises.

Naturally, eager to enhance her vision and balance both her eye’s vision she resorted to palming, ocular stretching, slow concentrated rotation and other workouts regularly as the program stated. She even avoided wearing glasses unless it was unavoidable.

Within three months she noticed significant improvement and within another two months she was slowly on her way by reducing the power of her lenses. Again, when she felt pain due to straining without glasses she took time to watch the natural surroundings around her.

Peter’s eyesight story

Peter was a student and was myopic with a weaker left eye and was also having astigmatic problem that blurred his vision. He too was advised through his friend’s advice on a number of natural eyesight program of which he choose a mixture of both Dr Bates methods and Power Vision. He stressed more on Bates methods as these looked quite easy and because he was apprehensive about wearing plus lenses.

He instead regularly did palming and when his eyes tried to reach the state of relaxation through swinging he would experience pain in his eyes. His blur also returned and yet he persisted as Bates stated. So when the flashes went out he would try to remember the image with details in it. This he continued and he tried to fuse both his mind and eyes while looking at an object.

Later he would enjoy the sun and keep his score with a test card to see any improvement. To his astonishment he saw a significant improvement within three weeks and has since been continuing the exercises to improve his vision.

Gregory’s real life tale

Gregory was a businessman and was quite successful when all on a sudden he developed strain and pain in both eyes. He even had difficulty while driving and since he took occasional alcohol he at first thought that it may be due to that as he always attended company meetings, clubs and social parties.

However, his pain appeared quite frequently and he had to go to a doctor. He never believed that it was his eyes that gave him the pain for he thought that the strain he put officially was the prime reason for this. He had prescription glasses since the time he left college and was myopic.

His doctor advised him to increase the power of his lenses still the pain came often. Later he came across one of his business client who suffered the same problem and was introduced to Power Vision Method. At first it was horrible experience as the pain and strain was too much for him to bear when he put on the plus glasses.

But later on with patience and persistence he could bring down the power of his glasses to the point that he now wears no glasses at all. His pain is gone and he had also stopped drinking.

You may get more stories about natural eyesight cure if you browse the forums in the Internet.