Eye Glasses or Eye Exercises?

Whether or not you are having some fun with your family or going out for an adventurous trip, it is important to have a clearer and sharper eyesight so that all the occasions are not only fun, but also exciting. This is because most of the time you will be depending on your eyes to do all the activities in your life. Therefore, it is crucial to make sure they are in good health.

Have you ever heard of eye exercise? Probably not! In fact, you may assume that eye exercise are nothing but a mere concept that sounds rather unusual if not bizarre in certain aspects. Well, this is normal because many people know only the popular techniques of vision improvement such as laser surgery, contacts and glasses. Only a few people are aware that there is a natural alternative to glasses. Note that this isn’t some certain type of eye quackery, but real and effective natural improvement for the eye that have proven to work and can help improve the condition of your eyes naturally. To be precise, eye exercises are only meant for the eyes and improve the condition of the eyes without the need for contacts, glasses or laser surgery.

In this article, we shall make a few points of comparison so that you clearly understand the concept of eye exercise. Have you ever placed your arm in a brace for some time? You notice the arm muscles become weak once you start to lose strength in that arm. On the same note, if you suffer a leg injury, you under physical therapy that aims at regaining your strength and enable you to walk again. Similarly, when it comes to the eyes, you cannot expect their condition to improve if you only use eye glasses.

Why is this so?

The glasses are not effective because they only mask the symptoms and the underlying problem. These features only do the focusing for you, and in the end your eyes become weaker.

Although glasses can help improve your vision, they do absolutely nothing to remedy your vision naturally. Therefore, it is best to have a natural alternative that will deal with the main cause of your visual impairment. On that perspective, the eye problems are corrected naturally. Your eyes benefit because they become independent from the glasses.

So how do you compare eye exercise to glasses?

Eye exercise help to strengthen the muscles and hence improve how your eyes focus.

Unlike eye exercises, glasses do not solve issues that are closely associated to the development of stress in the eye muscles because of the exposure to activities through the use of technology such as tablets, computers, laptops and iPad. For eye exercise, methods such as Bates technique include eye strain methods that relieve eye strain.


From our review above, it is clear that eye exercises are much better than wearing glasses or contacts. This is because eye exercise tend to not only strengthen the eye, but also solves the root cause of eye issues.