How the Power of Eye Exercises Enhance Vision in Humans?

Our body has its own unique ways to rectify and adjust the progress of diseases and other functional problems without the aid of medication. The medication becomes important when the disease or the illness has progressed beyond a stage when natural methods do not work anymore. Hence, in order to keep ourselves in good physical balance we need to enhance our body’s inner potential to thwart the progress of any disease or illness. The same is true with our eyes which must be kept active and physically fit so that we can have continued good vision. It has been proved over centuries that a set of unique eye exercises can not only keep eye diseases at bay, but also improve the vision permanently.

Exercising your eyes for Vision improvement

If you study your eyes deeply then you will notice that there are six muscles for each eye that nourishes and keeps them regularly active. When one or more of such muscles start to lose strength or remain idle then they become rigid and the muscles are no longer in working shape. This paves way for vision problem. In order to keep the muscles of your eye flexible and healthy you need to do regular exercises.

Most of the programs that suggest exercises for eyes follow Dr. Bates Method as the system evolved by Dr Bates had been well founded. However, the same have been implemented quite successfully on patients all over the world with some changes by independent online programs. The changes were made to bring about optimum results.

The basic idea behind all programs is that of Dr Bates who stated that vision impairment is due to habit of straining the mind while performing tasks. This could be avoided if you do a few exercises for your eye for a minimum of 30 minutes for a period of time and you will surely notice the difference.

This may include palming, swings which includes long swings, head swings, prayer swings, and optical swings and then sways and color days. Although this is the gist of Dr Bates exercises for the eyes yet you may find variations of the same with special emphasis on techniques that give you quicker results. You may go through this link to that details the whole process.

Your glass free vision world

The exercises are step by step process and you are asked to do it regularly without fail. If you do so then you will notice visible improvement within a month or so. Of course, you will not get instant results like the laser eye surgery or wearing glasses, but the former is not perfect and involve great risks while the later only makes your eye muscles accustomed to glasses and therefore you lose your natural vision power.

In the case of exercises for your eyes as detailed in certain programs you will notice the difference within a period of time such that you needn’t bother about glasses or bad vision for life. This is the real power behind exercising with your eyes.