About Natural Eyesight Improvement

Bez naslovaThere is a sudden rise of interest surrounding visual acuity through natural eyesight improvement all over the world. This is mainly due to the steady deterioration in eye care through medication and expensive surgery. Besides, the natural method is a better technique for those who have so far no eyesight problem. As natural eyesight means giving the eye muscles better workouts and making the mind and eyes in tandem by interpreting visual signals it is always easier and risk free to adopt such methods even if you have to spend at the most half an hour of your time for it. Further, wearing of glasses has never been a solution as it never removes the problem, but simply camouflages it.

Natural eyesight improvement methods

With increasing awareness of natural ways of improving vision there are several techniques and methods that have been developed to bring about optimum workouts for the eye muscles. Among the top eyesight improvement methods are The Bates Method, David de Angelis Method, Steven Aitchisen Method, Yoga Method and Ayurvedic Methods.

Dr Bates Method has currently been in the forefront of the natural eye vision techniques mainly because the techniques explained by Dr Bates have made a serious comeback although they first appeared more than a century back. This method states that strain in the eyes are the main reason for vision impairment and the only way to overcome the problem is through practicing relaxation of eyes and keeping the mind and body in tandem.

The other method is the David de Angelis Power Vision System which is the outcome of a thorough research in this field. The salient point of this method is that apart from exercises it calls for a unique steady way of under-correction of lenses so as to achieve lens free eyesight.

The other is the Steven Aitchisen Method which draws heavily from Dr Bates method and relies on step by step of simple steps much in line with Bates. The other complimentary methods are the Yoga Method and the Ayurvedic Method. While the Yoga Method follows the deep rooted wisdom of making the muscles of the eyes supple and flexible the Ayurvedic Method is traditional uses of herbs and keeping oneself clean.

Natural eyesight improvement programs

There are different programs by which you may start with your natural eyesight improvement. Most of the programs are quite easy and hardly takes half an hour of your time each day. Among the leading vision improvement programs are the www.howtoimproveeyesight.com , www.rebuildyourvision.com, www.powervisionsystems.com , and www.bettereyesightnow.com .

You may opt for ‘How to Improve Eyesight’ program and it gives a step by step approach to achieving a glass free vision. The book is written by Victor Medyedev of St Petersburg Russia. The other program is ‘Rebuild Your Vision’ and this is explained in an FAQ style with daily exercises. The other is the ‘Power Vision Systems’ which is an outcome of research by David de Angelis and the last is ‘Better Eyesight Now’ and details as to how to reclaim your eyesight by establishing proper linking between the eyes and the mind.